Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words--

Today's blog prompt inspired by a picture... ( I chose a random picture and decided to write a short story, timed of course, for you!)

A picture is worth a thousand words...
Time: 5 minutes
Genre: Romance
Picture:  Bigstockphoto stock (I own this, please to don't copy and save this for your own use, respect the art of the owner.)

Ellie couldn't believe her eyes, there standing not two feet away from her, in a bingo hall of all places, was Jason Wilkes. Jake--her Jake.
It had been a long time since she had seen him, but that didn't make her body stop its reaction--the same feverish rush, heart pounding, flesh tingling rush that only Jake had ever given to her. Ellie closed her eyes, praying that he would come to her, praying that he wouldn't. It had been a long time ago since they last saw one another, but Ellie didn't forget anything about the one night they shared.
Passion. Even though it was hard to believe that two 18 year olds could evoke as much, they did, and she knew it now just by watching him. Ellie opened her eyes, took a deep breath and gasped. Jake was staring right at her. Thank God.
Making his way across the crowded hall, Jake  stopped a few times to speak to different well-wishers. The bingo hall at St. Moravion's was one of the popular places between senior citizens in the community. Jake had been there by shear fate. His grandmother refused to do anything anymore, so he picked her up, placed her in his truck and forced her to join the land of the living. He was glad he did. Not only did he see the one woman that he had been trying to get out of his head for the past fifteen years, he made his grandmother smile, and she hadn't stopped smiling since she walked in the door.
"Is that Ellie Thomas, Jason Michael?" Jake's grandmother, Ilsa prodded, knowing full well who the woman was. She hadn't changed a day, only instead of wearing her chestnut brown hair in a pony tail, it was cascaded down her back, ending just above the waistband of her jeans.
Jake swallowed. Lord have mercy. "Yes, Nana, it is. I'm going to say hi, if you don't mind."
"Oh, I don't mind. I'll just talk to Mary Claire over there by the card box."
Ilsa pointed to the corner of the hall and smiled, giving Jason the privacy he desired.
Jason leaned down and pecked his grandmother on the cheek. "I'll see you in a little bit."
"Don't rush back on my account, Jason. Be a gentleman."
Jason through his head back and chuckled. A grin spread wide over his face. "I will, Nana."

What that laugh did to Ellie was maddening. As she watched him stride over, she went over her mental checklist in her head. Okay, teeth--brushed, hair--(she ran her fingers through her hair and winced.) Okay, not as great. Clothing, eh. Everything would have to do, obviously.
"Ellie Thomas, is that you?"
Ellie looked up into a sea of emeralds. His eyes were one of his greatest features--one. "You know it is, Jake," she said huskily, not meaning to sound anything but normal, but with Jake all she could think of were satin sheets and a hot night.
"Yeah, you're right. How have you been?"
"Good. How about you, how was college?"
Jake's eyes brightened as he chuckled. "Well, yeah I guess that's where we left off, wasn't it?"
"Not quite."
Jake's eyes darkened with pleasure. "No, not quite, but school was good. I'm in architecture. What about you?"
Jake's heart pounded in his chest as he thought of all the naughty little nursing costumes on the market. His face reddened, forgetting where he was momentarily--in a sea of old people, getting a raging hard on.

(Timer just went off!-- what a place to stop! lol  Well, I hope you enjoyed the writing prompt. This was a fun one, and just what I needed to start the day. How about you do the same? Look at the picture above, and time yourself for five minutes. It's a very relaxing and fun way to get your mind working! And when you're done, please share it with me!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. For more of my writing, please visit my Amazon page below for my full list of books!)