Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Monday, July 22, 2013

The 105 Author prompts--starting now...

So, I am terrible at blogging. More than likely, I'll forget to blog for a day or 200, then come back to where I started and then just give up, or -- with any luck, I'll make it through the 105 prompts... we shall see.

So, I bought a kindle ebook called, "Building Your Fanbase" by Shannon O'Neil & Toni Tesori (Duolit) and I am going to go through the entire thing, hoping to build up something that hasn't been there... There was a lot of great information in the book, including a link to an outside webpage with blog prompting for authors. I can't tell you how excited I was to see that! So, bear with me while I learn the ropes of blogging through this long, and tedious process.

What childhood show would you love to bring back?
This one is a toughie... Although I loved the shows that I watched while growing up, I tried a few in the past again, hoping to gain back a little youth and nostalgia, it didn't quite go as expected. I was a huge fan of Adrien Paul, which I will be meeting in a few short days at FANDOMFEST! in Louisville, Kentucky, (Cue Author self promotion here! lol-- I will be signing books Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the Kentucky, Convention Center-at the Galt House)  Anyway, I loved watching the show "Highlander", really it was the highlight of my brother & I's day. But when I turned it on to start from the beginning of a long series show--yeah, not really the epic highlight I thought it was. So, I promptly turned the television off, not wanting to spoil my memories of one of the GREATEST SHOWS ON EARTH...
It's tough, being impressionable. :) What television shows would you like to bring back? Which ones did you love, but you are afraid you made them out to be more than they are, just like Highlander?
If you would like to see Adrien Paul, or meet me in person to talk more about Highlander or your favorite books, why not stop by our FANDOMFEST booth this weekend!  The website link is below:) Thanks for reading!