Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend quickie 27...

I am part of a group of people that are called 'The Iron Writers'... there is a website and they have several weekly challenges and tournaments which form other challenges. It's a great time and I enjoy writing everyday through the different posts from the many writers in our group. This past weekend was one of our writers' birthday and the challenge was centered around that...

Here's the Challenge...

One Image!

One Prompt!

One Emotion!

200 Words

3 bears
A handsome newspaperman’s birthday
A feeling of anxiety brought on by the omission of a comma
Here's my take on the challenge:

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Commas and bears and anxiety… OH MY!
“What are you going to give Michael for his birthday, Carrie?”
“I already got him something, but it is kind of bothering me, so I’m not sure if I will give it to him or not.”
“What’s that?”
“Well, I know how particular Michael is about grammar and punctuation…and, well, I only just spotted the error.”
“What error?” Carrie’s friend, Carol, asked.
“The missing comma,” Carrie said reluctantly.
“Come again?”
“Yeah, well I bought him this painting as a joke…remember when he said that he liked the story of Goldilocks?”
“No, I think I remember him saying he would Goldi her locks…or something to that effect.”
Carrie laughed. “Yeah, that’s what he said, and I was out at the Starving Artist Fair downtown and saw this picture…it had a girl with a bear on her bed. Of course, I immediately thought of Michael…and I bought it. I didn’t even see the error until I got home.”
“Let me see it,” Carol said, laughing.
Carrie went over to her closet and pulled out a large canvas. When she turned it around, Carol laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair.
“Oh my God! That’s perfect!”
I looked at the painting of the bear and Goldilocks on the bed and smiled. The canvas read: Hey Goldi what big curls you have…
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star

Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star
L. Anne Carrington
***I was asked to review this book and was provided with an ARC by L. Anne's Literary Rep.
Billy Kidman carved out a career as one of World Championship Wrestling’s and World Wrestling Entertainment’s most exciting cruiserweights. A solid in-ring worker for little over a decade, he enjoyed success as a multiple-time cruiserweight and tag team champion during the 1990‘s and early 2000‘s. Kidman wrestled for several American and overseas independent promotions after being released from WWE and then became a trainer and occasional wrestler for Florida Championship Wrestling (now NXT). Now retired from the ring, he works as a producer at WWE events in the Gorilla Position. Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star contains updated and some never before revealed information behind the story of an underrated and underappreciated talent who achieved success in several aspects of the wrestling business before age 40. DISCLAIMER: This book was not prepared,‭ ‬approved,‭ ‬licensed or endorsed by Peter Gruner,‭ ‬Jr.,‭ ‬World Wrestling Entertainment‭ (‬WWE‭)‬,‭ ‬members of WWE,‭ ‬or any other wrestling organization.
This book was so much more than I expected it to be. I am not a fan of non-fiction work at all, and when I was asked to read this book for an honest review, I did so because of the class act that is L. Anne Carrington. I didn't expect to like the book. In fact, I expected to fall asleep.
This book is truly inspirational in every aspect. It follows the life/career path of Peter Alan Gruner Jr. As I read through the book, I was entranced by the information and wanted to keep reading. I finished this book in one night.
I found myself cheering KID FLASH on, hoping that he would make it. The kid had heart and determination--two qualities that you don't want to see fail.
And make it, he did.
Several of the facts that L. Anne stated I had no idea about, even though I watched Wrestling with my own father from the time I was child well into the 90's and then beyond throughout college. I laughed out loud during the call out on Hogan and couldn't help but grin when Kidman spray-painted the letters TNB on his chest.
I had many moments during this book where I felt chills. One of my favorite parts was:
Kid Flash made his WCW arrival in June 1996 with a new name: Billy Kidman.
5 *****
Awesome and Inspiring
Now I have to go on YouTube and look up some of the older wrestling shows.
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