Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cover Reveal with K.E. Taylor--

Today, I am very excited to bring you the cover reveal of the much anticipated book by KE Taylor...Life After You.

Life After You is book one of the Burnt Ashes series, set for publication August 30th, 2014. New adult, rock-star romance. Blurb; Dealing with more death than anyone should ever have to, Mackayla Smith decides it's time to start over after losing her twin brother, the only family she had left. Leaving it all to fate, she set off on her own to move past her losses, including the only man she had ever loved, Logan Dale. Being the lead singer of Burnt Ashes, Logan Dale was never looking for love, especially when he could have any woman he wanted. The problem was, the only girl he ever wanted was the girl he wouldn't let himself have. But now, what if that decision causes him to lose her forever.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great set of shorts by Author Dani J. Caile!

This isn't the first thing that I have ever read of Dani J Caile's... and it most certainly won't be the last. This author is truly amazing. What this book is is several stories in a compilation that are either 500 or 200 words long--that's it, no more and no less. The man is a freaking genius. 

Each story, each viewpoint, is done in a way that makes you not want to put the book down--even though there are other things in your life that need to be done. (I'm so hungry right now, but I needed to finish this book!)

Some of my favorite stories in this collection:

Weekend Quickie 11- Just what did little Tim do? ( Just great writing )

Challenge 49: Muppet Respect (so clever) 

Challenge 47- Winter Equinox Open final- Marital Strife (THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY)

Autumn Equinox Final- Miley Cyrus? (This one made me snort. lol) 

All of these stories were just fantastic, and I am looking forward to the next edition of stories that will come in the future...hopefully:) hint hint!

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