Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ginny Baird

Ginny Baird is awesome. Her romances are awesome, and her characters are...very sexy, swoon worthy and ... awesome.

Here is Ginny:
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About the Author: 
Romance writer Ginny Baird has published novels in print and online and received screenplay options from Hollywood for her family and romantic comedy scripts. She writes touching, often humorous, contemporary romance about single women facing everyday challenges. Known for featuring holidays and family themes in her work, Ginny frequently portrays the struggles of single parents or others who've given up on finding true love. Ginny has two ongoing novella series, The Holiday Brides Series (holiday romance) and The Summer Grooms Series (summer romance), as well as additional single titles available. She's been a #1 bestselling author in Single Women's Fiction and Paranormal Ghost Romance and a Top 100 bestselling author on Kindle and NOOK. Ginny welcomes visitors to her website where you can learn more about her and her books.

I was her 39th like on Amazon (Just a little weird trivia for ya)

The Sometime Bride
The Sometime Bride
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sometime=Big Thumb's Up!May 1, 2014
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I have read nearly everything Ginny Baird, and I will be getting all of her books--eventually. Do I know the author personally? No. Do I love her books? Absolutely. Am I now a Facebook stalker? You bet. Why? Let me tell you... Ginny has a great voice. Her books are full of fun, lovable and endearing characters. Her settings are magical, like places where you just know you want to be. I picture myself as all of the heroines in her book because I am imaginative and I like a great escape from the real world. I fall in love with the heroes, just like she tells me to, because they are wonderful, strong, attractive men with huge hearts--not the kind of men that would let us down like some in real life. She tells 'honest-to-goodness- love stories.

When I read some reviews on 'this book was predictable' or 'that couldn't have happened' it irritates me like no other. I don't read romances to feel like real me, I get enough REALITY in every day situations. I'd rather escape for a few hours with one of Ginny's characters and fall in love all over again.

Mike, in this story, is one of those dream men that we wish would come into our lives and just swoop us away. He is also very realistic, too. Mike has dreams of his own. He wants to open his own shop...he wants the right woman to share his life with him, and he wants to take care of her. SWOON ALERT.

Hey, Mike, I just called...come over here, I'll let you take care of me for a while :) Wink wink. :)

Needless to say, I loved this book. It made me smile on more than one occasion, and I liked it, much like I like or shall I say LOVE all of her books.

Note to the author: Don't worry...I'm not going to have your name tattooed on my butt or anything, I just thought I'd let you know that I love your books!