Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Countdown to Christmas is here!

As many of you already know, I'm in love with Christmas. I primarily write Christmas stories, and I'm always in the mood for a good Christmas Tale or two... Anyway, starting with "Snow Bride" a Hallmark Christmas Movie, I will be blogging all about Christmas and Christmas movies!

-Snow Bride-

Blurb from Hallmark-
Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) is always in search of juicy gossip. As a tabloid reporter at "Pulse! Gossip" in Los Angeles, it's her job to expose the rich and famous for the entertainment of the magazine's readers. So when word gets out that one of the late Senator Tannehill's two sons might be proposing marriage at the family's Big Bear compound during Christmas, Greta and her chief rival Wes (Tom Lenk) are challenged by their old-school editor to get the scoop. There's incentive to be the first, too-- the editorship of the magazine's new online incarnation.
Greta's assistant tells her that Wes has a head start to snowy Big Bear, so she dashes to the mountain resort. When she mistakenly ends up as a guest of the family, she's in the middle of what could be her best story yet! However, she soon discovers that the family, including matriarch Maggie Tannenhill (Patricia Richardson) and caretaker Peters (Robert Curtis Brown), are more down-to-earth than she ever gave them credit for. Increasingly guilt-ridden about her game of subterfuge, Greta must make a decision: how far will she go for the sake of a story?
You, too, can watch this on December 3rd at 8:00 AM! 
Let me know what you think!

My review: 
Snow Bride is a super cute holiday movie with an even cuter storyline. Without ruining the whole movie, the acting isn't bad--as some of the earlier Hallmark movies usually are, and the main guy, Ben, is hot. I love his voice, his clothes, and his eyes, which help me get into the holiday spirit! haha :) 
So, if you love Christmas, and Sexy heroes, this one is for you! 
Snow Bride<br />

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A David Bender Mystery Series....

So, since my life has been turned upside down, romance hasn't played a big part in my daily thoughts. Unfortunately for those of you that actually read my Christmas books, I haven't been able to write in that style. Sorry...
Anyway, I've been working on a new series of books without end--at least for now-- and they are called "The David Bender Mystery Novels"...

My plan is to release them one by one starting in July of 2017.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Pretend...

Hi, everyone, and thank you for sticking around. I know I haven't been on lately, and I really don't want to talk too much about that other than to say I've had a lot going on personally, and I'm trying hard to work my way back to something better than crying all day.

I'm working on a new book, well a few new books, and am hoping to have something for you to read soon. My latest, Let's Pretend, is a very cute story that's surprising me by it's length and depth. I'm hoping that it will continue to impress me as I write, and I hope that you will like this new me. At any rate, I'll try to blog once a week, but I'm not promising anything at this time.

Thanks so much for still being here.



Read, Fall in Love, Be Happy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3 Day Novel... Starting Today!

So, I am starting a 3 Day Novel... TODAY!  What does this mean, you ask? Well, it just means that I am going to attempt to write a novel in 3 days. No pressure, really... sure... Anyway, it's September 7th, and a few days after the actual 3 Day Novel Contest, but I'm doing this for myself. This Labor Day was a much needed family holiday. I couldn't stop to write a book during the actual Labor Day Weekend, but now that I am back at home, and the kids are in school, I'm going to start tonight. So, sometime --around 9 PM or so, I will post my first video log on the occasion.
Hopefully, in three days I will have something... anything... :)
Wish me luck.



Friday, August 19, 2016

So, as you may have guessed from the pictures, I purchased my very first "Pop-up camper!" Now, I know what you're thinking... YIKES! But, this is where the fun comes in... MAKEOVER TIME! So, this is my very own "Flip or Flop". The camper itself was 300 dollars. I'm hoping to get double that on my first flip! These are the before pictures:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

May Newsletter!

Hi, Romance Lovers!
I just finished my May Newsletter, and wanted to let you know that it's ready and on its way to your inboxes! (That is...if you subscribed through my website!)
If you didn't, you still can!  Check out:
You will get free stories, fun facts, and early links to my books!

Read, Love, Be Happy!
<3 Danielle

Friday, April 22, 2016

A December to Remember...

So, if you're a fan of mine on facebook, you've probably already read about my new release coming soon-- A December to Remember! If not, guess what? :) Here's the cover... Possible release??? End of May... Check back for a pre-order link! <3 Danielle

The Falling For You Series!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Iron Writer -- Dust -- by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Dust Danielle Lee Zwissler I was hearing the voices again. Loud sounds, echoing in the recesses of my mind, screaming, telling me to do things, warning me, regaling odd phrases, familiar, but strange. My shoulders shook as I pulled down the old books off the shelves and placed them onto the cart. Dusty old tombs that were worthless anymore. Everything was on Google, everything could be looked up, and downloaded. A spider skimped across one of the old leather bound books and I jumped back, dropping it, making it bounce off the floor as if there was an earthquake. Dust flew up, invaded my nostrils, and I took a deep shuddering breath. I needed sleep. I needed to get out of here. “Just do it… Get the gun, and do it,” I heard. My heart hammered in my chest, and I looked to my left, and then to my right. I could feel the pounding in my head, and in my veins. “No,” I said, talking to myself. I knew there wasn’t anyone there. There never was. It was all in my imagination, it was… “Nobody loves you, Owen; you’re fat and you’re stupid.” I blew out another breath and picked the book off the floor. It was a story about a writer, and his friend, and his mother. All of these books, all of their stories, each one trying to be told, but nobody was here to read them. I passed into the next section, and more books, more thoughts invaded my head. There was a book of inventions, and it was handwritten. I opened it up, and saw many drawings. Illustrations of appliances, different contraptions, and even a trampoline. I heard the authors’ words, trying to convince me of their findings. I shook my head and pushed the voices out and placed the book onto the cart, and then moved down the aisle. I moved toward the romance section, and then to the science fiction, and then to fantasy. More voices, more agitated that the last. “You’re a Wizard, Harry, and a thumpin’ good one I might wager,” the voice said gruffly. “Stop it!” I cried, “Stop!” “When the clock strikes twelve, the spell will be…” I put my hands up to my ears and left the cart behind. I cried, and ran. Voices, all getting louder, ganging up on me, telling me what to do. “People don't get better, they just get smarter. When you get smarter you don't stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it.” “PLEASE, STOP!” I screamed, and then collapsed in the middle of two sections of bookcases. I couldn’t take it any longer. My mind had finally gone. “Welcome to the Dark Side…we have cookies,” I heard, and then I started to laugh. *** They found me hours later, talking to myself, inventing my own stories, and then finally, years down the road, I penned my own first novel. Today, they call me an author, and you can find my books at:
The Man I'll Marry is available for Pre-Order! I am so excited about this story! I just know that you're going to love it:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Long Ride Home....

If you are looking for a romantic, breath-taking book... you have come to the right place!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Now Available in Swedish! Buy the book now! Holton Dade was eight years old when Elena Rose was born, and he has watched out for her ever since. The girl with the wild, curly red hair has been on his mind on and off for years, but he has a few hang-ups--age being one of them, and death being the other. With the help of friends, Holton and Elena survive through many breakups and insecurities, but in the end there is only one place to go--home, and it is one hell of a long ride to get there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A cute novella that you don't want to miss~!

Do you want to read a super cute romance? Then check out "Her Own Valentine" the first book in the Alder Creek Series!

A Valentine Romance that you won't want to miss! 
Join Danielle Lee Zwissler in Alder Creek, for her three book series! 
Her Own Valentine 
Fall Into You 
Christmas in Alder Creek 
Flynn McCaymon of Co. Clare, Ireland, comes all the way to Alder Creek for one reason--to find Author, Samantha Moore, and to tell her that she's ruined all of the women in his home town. But when he finds her, he can't help but wonder what her real reason was for writing her latest book, and then comes up with a plan to change her mind all before Valentine's Day. 

When Samantha meets Flynn,she knows right away that he's bad for business. Soon after, she needs to figure out what to do with him, and the love that she knows will happen if he decides to stay in Alder Creek! 
Here's the Link:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey, everyone!  Remember the contest that I lost? Yeah, the 3 day novel... Anyway, my story, "Speaking to the Dead Through Love Letters" is going to be submitted to Kindle Scout this week!  I'm excited to see if this works, or really 'how it works'...

So, once it is on there, and once I get my brand new cover for it all ready, I will put the link up on this blog!

Don't forget to nominate me!

<3 Danielle

Kindle Unlimited

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am going wider in my distribution. I finally decided, after a year of sales drops, to go back into further distribution. Kindle Unlimited is not doing it for me--at least not now in the spring-summer months. So, I will be available soon on other outlets such as... Nook, Kobo, All Romance, Smashwords, and other online e-tailers! Look for my links soon! Thanks so much:) Danielle

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Covers for the Falling For You Series...

Hey, everyone!  Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I'm not very good at doing the whole 'blog thing' so bear with me. I just released a new cover for books 1 & 2 of the Falling For You Series!  I'm pretty stoked about it, as I really like what THEZOMBIESTUDIO did for me:)

What do you think?


Book 3 "The Man I'll Marry" new cover coming soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Silver Linings...

Hi, everyone!  Thanks so much for still being a part of my life after all these years. Time... I can't believe how fast it flies. I'm sitting here in my dining room right now, looking at all of the wonderful things in this room, and am so blessed. I really am grateful for everything.

Last night, I found out that I didn't win the 3-day novel contest. (Insert a big laugh here) I knew it was a long shot, but I was so dang proud of the book that I wrote in those three days that I think I convinced myself that I won the Pulitzer. lol  That's okay, though.. Even though I didn't win, I completed a 35,000-word book of romance, and second chances--mixed in with a little magic, and I am so happy that I did.

I'd like to congratulate the three winners along with the long listers that placed in the top ten. I didn't place in that either, but I feel bound to say that there were 300 entries, and I am convinced that I was #11. haha  At any rate, I'm going to give it a go this September, as I am not a quitter, and maybe, just maybe, I'll place in the lists next year.

Hey, one can hope, right?

-- In other news --

The Boy Next Door is getting some positive press, and that, of course, couldn't make me any happier. I will be featured in the June, July and August issues of Glamour Magazine! -- Well, three of my books will-- and hopefully, that will push my sales even further!

I also am pleased to announce that The Owl Branch will be handling some promotional aspects for me, and has already done a bang-up job on creating some web banners, and a personal page on their site for me and my books!

And, last but not least...
I made it into the Finals for The Iron Writer Challenge! :)  I will post my story soon!

Have a great rest of the week!


Friday, March 18, 2016

She Writes Romance

Hi, everyone!  I know it's been a while, a long while... but, I'm back, and hopefully I will keep up with this blog for longer than the last time I made that promise. Hopefully. Okay, I'll try. Anyway, I just wanted you all to know about my new website, (even though it's been out for a while now) and my newsletter. Go to, and you will see a pop-up for access to my exclusive newsletter which will have content about my upcoming books, fun reads, and freebies. I know I don't have a big blogger following, but I figure if I reach at least one person, that's more than I had before blogging :)
At any rate, I'm glad to be back, and hope that you check out She Writes Romance. I will be traveling a lot this year doing conventions and book signings, so hopefully we will meet up!

Until then, take care, and have fun reading!

<3 Danielle